We Can Take Care of Head Gasket Leaks in Your Automobile

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Oneway Automotive is here to help you with your automobile no matter what the problem is. For example, if you have blown the head gasket and it is leaking, we can replace it with a new one to restore your engine’s performance. It is important that you avoid driving your automobile if the head gasket is leaking. Let’s discuss the reasons why below.

Sudden Coolant Loss

One of the things that the head gasket does is form a seal over the combustion chamber to keep the engine coolant and motor oil out. When the head gasket cracks, the engine coolant will start to leak into the combustion chamber and combine in the cylinders with the gas and air. This causes a coolant loss in the engine that will make the engine run too hot. In addition, your engine’s performance will suffer.

Overheating Engine

The more coolant that leaks into the cylinders the hotter your engine will get. Consequently, you will be unable to drive your automobile with the engine at its normal temperature. Rather, the engine will overheat every time you fire it up and attempt to drive the vehicle. Driving the engine when it is running too hot can cause damage over and above the cracked head gasket such as a cracked engine block.

Boiling Engine Coolant

In fact, even if you add coolant to the engine, it will leak through the cracked head gasket into the cylinders. Consequently, the engine’s temperature will rise to the point that it will start to boil the coolant that is in the radiator. When this happens, you run a very high risk of blowing the radiator cap because the boiling coolant will cause pressure to build up inside the radiator.

White Engine Exhaust

The problem with the engine’s temperature is one reason why you should not drive your vehicle if the head gasket is cracked. Another reason is that the coolant will burn away in the cylinder block. When this happens, it creates white exhaust smoke that builds up in the engine and is released out of the tailpipe. It is not a good idea to drive your vehicle when the engine is burning coolant.

White-Milky Motor Oil

One last reason why it is dangerous to drive your vehicle with a cracked head gasket is that the coolant will mix with the motor oil and dilute it. Consequently, the milky-white oil that is circulating through the engine can damage the engine beyond repair in a very short period of time.

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