Summer Is Almost Here and Your Car’s Air Conditioner Needs Service

With temperatures in the 90s, the last thing you need this summer is for your car’s air conditioner to be on the fritz. Oneway Automotive can check your vehicle’s AC to make sure there is nothing wrong with it and that it is ready for its summer job. You don’t want to be uncomfortable when the weather is hot and humid outside, and we can help you avoid this with a spring air conditioning service.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Hot

Many people wait until it’s hot to turn on their car, truck, or utility vehicle’s air conditioner only to find that there is no air blowing through the vents or that there is hot air blowing through the vents. It’s important to test your vehicle’s A/C now to make sure that is working properly. This being said, don’t put off the service just because you have cold air blowing through the vents. Your air conditioner needs an annual checkup to make sure nothing goes wrong in the middle of summer.

Things That Can Go Wrong

There are many things that can go wrong with your vehicle’s air conditioner, especially if you cannot remember the last time it was that you had it serviced. Common problems that we fix with air conditioning systems include

  • Leaking refrigerant from the hose connections
  • Low refrigerant due to the leak or evaporation
  • Dirty refrigerant that must be flushed and refilled
  • Clogged condenser caused by dirt flowing through the grille
  • Dented condenser caused by road debris
  • Broken condenser caused by age or road debris
  • Malfunctioning compressor due to age or misuse
  • Malfunctioning fans due to age or electrical problems
  • Air conditioning electrical system problems

All of these things can cause your vehicle’s air conditioner to malfunction or not work at all. For example, if you have low refrigerant, the air blowing through your vents will either be lukewarm or cool at best. You need cold and refreshing air when the mercury rises.

How We Can Prevent Them

As we’ve already mentioned, an annual vehicle air conditioning check allows our technicians to inspect the system completely to make sure there is nothing wrong with it. We can check your refrigerant levels to make sure you have plenty of clean refrigerant. If the level is low, we can pressure-test the system for a leak. We can also inspect the compressor and condenser to make sure they’re working properly, as well as the fans.

Oneway Automotive in Ardmore, OK, is the best auto service shop in town. Call us today to schedule an appointment for an air conditioning inspection.

Photo by bizoo_n from Getty Images via Canva Pro