Signs I Need to Get My Exhaust System Inspected

Let’s talk about your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s exhaust system in this blog post. Oneway Automotive advises that the general recommendation for an inspection is every year to two years. If it has been two years since you’ve had your exhaust system inspected, bring your vehicle to our shop so we can check the system for problems. The following are signs that your exhaust system has a problem that needs immediate attention.

Burning Plastic Odors

If you can smell burning plastic odors coming from the engine, the exhaust manifold gasket has cracked. The engine fills with scorching hot exhaust via the cracked gasket. When this happens, plastic and rubber auto parts can actually be melted by the exhaust.

Gas/Diesel Fuel Smells

Another odor that is a sign of exhaust system problems is gasoline or diesel fuel odor. You should never smell your vehicle’s fuel or exhaust when you are inside the passenger cabin. If you do, it could be dangerous to drive your automobile because you run a high risk of inhaling carbon monoxide. Fuel odors suggest that the system is clogged or leaking.

Performance Problems

Clogs or a leaking exhaust system will also cause engine performance problems because your engine will fill with exhaust gases. When this happens, the gases can make their way into the combustion chamber and affect the combustion. As a consequence, your engine will sputter and lag.

Reduced Fuel Economy

To add salt to the wound, the performance problems from which your engine is suffering will reduce the vehicle’s fuel economy. The only way to restore the fuel mileage that you normally get is to resolve the exhaust system problem to restore your engine’s performance.

Too Much Engine Noise

Your engine may also start to make too much noise if the muffler needs to be replaced. Without a functional muffler, your engine will be extremely loud; you may think you are driving a race car. If your engine is suddenly too loud, you’ve likely got a hole in the muffler.

Visible Tailpipe Damage

Finally, another exhaust system part that can get a hole in it is the tailpipe. The hole can be caused by road debris hitting the tailpipe or by corrosion eating through the tailpipe. Any visible tailpipe damage needs to be addressed right away. Your vehicle relies on the tailpipe to remove the exhaust out of the engine.

Call Oneway Automotive in Ardmore, OK, today to schedule an appointment for an exhaust system inspection. We will make sure there is nothing wrong with your exhaust system.

Photo by AleksandarGeorgiev from getty images via Canva Pro