Seven Signs You’ve Got a Bad Mass Airflow Sensor

The mass airflow (MAF) sensor in your car, crossover, SUV, or truck reports the amount of air that flows into the engine from the outside. The sensor sends this report to the engine control module (ECM) so the ECM can make adjustments in the combustion chamber. A bad MAF sensor will cause the following problems, but don’t worry. Oneway Automotive can replace the sensor.

Check Engine Warning

If the MAF sensor is malfunctioning, it might send an error code to the ECM. Once the ECM receives this code, it will turn on the dashboard’s check engine light to alert you of trouble.

Acceleration Loss

If the mass airflow sensor is reporting the incorrect air numbers, the ECM might think there is more fuel in the engine than there actually is. This will cause it to adjust how much fuel is injected into the combustion chamber and you will notice acceleration loss as a result.

Rough Idle

Without enough fuel in the engine, it will also idle roughly. The problem could be caused by the failing MAF sensor. Again, if it is sending the wrong numbers to the ECM, the engine control module will make adjustments to the air and fuel mixture that will directly affect how well your vehicle idles.

Reduced Fuel Economy

The ECM can also send too much fuel into the combustion chamber based on incorrect MAF readings. If so, you will notice a reduction in your vehicle’s fuel economy, because the engine will burn away any excess fuel that it doesn’t need.

Black Exhaust

Another sign that your engine is burning too much fuel is black exhaust flowing out of the tailpipe. It’s important to understand that when you see this condition, your engine is burning too much fuel and it might not be safe to drive your automobile.

Performance Trouble

The air and fuel mixture also affects how your engine performs. If it is lean, your engine may hesitate even while you are driving at fast speeds. If there is too much gasoline in the engine, it will surge forward as if you pressed down on the accelerator even though you didn’t.

Starting Problems

Finally, if the mass airflow sensor is sending incorrect readings, the engine control module may not send enough fuel to the engine for you to get it started. You may notice that it is getting more and more difficult to start your vehicle’s engine.

As we said above, Oneway Automotive in Ardmore, OK, would be happy to test your mass airflow sensor, and we can replace it if it needs to be replaced. Give us a call today.

Photo by John_vlahidis from Getty Images via Canva Pro