Five Signs My Fuel Filter Is Clogged

If you don’t have your fuel filter changed every 30,000 miles, it will get clogged with dirt and sediment. Even if you buy the most expensive fuel in town, it contains sediment that must be filtered out by the filter. A clogged fuel filter will increase your engine’s fuel consumption because it will affect its ability to run. We will talk in greater detail about this below, but you will notice engine performance problems such as sputtering and lagging, especially when you accelerate.

1. Difficult Starts

You will also have difficulties getting your car, truck, or utility vehicle started if the fuel filter is clogged. This can mean that the engine is not receiving the fuel because it is stuck behind the filter. If this is the case, the vehicle will not start at all. If some fuel is making its way through, the vehicle may crank several times before the engine fires up.

2. Misfiring Engine

Once the engine is running, the clogged fuel filter will inhibit the continual supply of fuel. Consequently, the engine will misfire while it is running. When the engine misfires, your vehicle shakes and the engine cuts out. If the engine is severely fuel-starved, it will stall. There’s no telling when the engine might stall. It could stall while you are driving or while you are sitting at an idle.

3. Rough Idle

Speaking of sitting at an idle, your engine’s idle will be much rougher than it normally is. This, too, is a sign that the engine is not getting enough fuel. Consequently, all of the cylinders in the cylinder block are not firing. This inhibits the production of combustion and causes the performance problems we discussed in the introduction as well as the rough idling.

4. Whining Noises

Aside from the engine problems, a clogged fuel filter can also damage the fuel pump. If you hear whining noises coming from the fuel tank, you’ve got a problem with the fuel pump. If the fuel filter is clogged, the pump may be straining to get the fuel through the filter and into the engine. This may be why the fuel pump motor is whining.

5. Dead Fuel Pump

If you ignore the problem, the consistent strain caused by the clogged fuel filter can damage the fuel pump prematurely. In fact, you may end up with a dead fuel pump motor, and, as such, a dead fuel pump.

Give our shop a call right away if you are having problems that suggest that your fuel filter is clogged. We can inspect the fuel system and replace the filter if it needs it.

Photo by Boyrcr420 from Getty Images via Canva Pro