Common Fuel System Problems in Your Car

Your vehicle, whether a car, truck or C/SUV, relies on the fuel system to draw gasoline out of the tank and spray it into the combustion chamber. The process is much more complicated than this, but you get the gist. There are a series of parts that make up a vehicle’s fuel system, and if any of these parts get into trouble, you will notice performance issues or be unable to start your car. Let’s talk about fuel system problems and how Oneway Automotive can help.

Fuel System Clogs

There are four parts in the fuel system that can get clogged: the fuel filter, the fuel lines, the fuel injectors, and the fuel pump. Fuel system clogs prevent gasoline from getting to the engine, thereby starving it and creating a lean fuel and air mixture, which will make your engine sputter and stall intermittently. If the clogged part stops all gasoline from getting into the engine, you will not be able to start or run your automobile at all. Gasoline sediment, dirt, debris, and carbon buildup are the most common things that clog fuel system parts. Regular fuel system cleaning and filter replacement can help prevent clogs and boost fuel system performance.

Fuel System Leaks

Fuel system leaks can happen in the fuel lines, the fuel injectors, or in the fuel cap that seals off your tank. Fuel lines, or hoses if you prefer, dry out and crack over time. If you drive an older vehicle with high mileage on the odometer, you might end up with a hole or crack in the fuel line that leaks gasoline out of it. The fuel injectors can also leak. They can break, which is unusual but can happen, and they can also leak at the seals. In both of these cases, your engine will burn off the excess fuel, and you might see black vehicle exhaust or smoke coming out from underneath the hood. The gas cap has its own responsibility, and that is to prevent gas fumes from escaping from the tank. If the cap is worn and cannot seal off the tank, you’ll have a gas vapor leak.

Other Fuel System Problems

The fuel pump, which is the part responsible for drawing gasoline out of the tank and pushing it through to the fuel injectors, can clog in the closed or open position. If it gets stuck in the closed position, you won’t have gas going into the engine at all. If it gets stuck in the open position, you’ll end up with too much gas in the engine. It can also overheat, and once it does, your engine will overheat. The good news is Oneway Automotive in Ardmore, OK, can replace your failing fuel pump or repair any of the other fuel system problems mentioned above. Just give us a call to set up an appointment.

Photo by SaevichMikalai from Getty Images via Canva Pro