Five Common Suspension Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

The longer you ignore suspension problems the greater they become. The real problem is that not all suspension issues are noticeable right away. Oneway Automotive recommends you keep an eye and feel out for the following signs that your suspension isn’t what it should be. If you have the suspension inspected at the first symptom of trouble, you can avoid more expensive problems down the road.


There are many reasons why your car, truck, or utility vehicle might pull to one side, and a majority of them involve the suspension. The most common reason why a vehicle pulls is that the wheel alignment is off. Other problems include bad tie roads, a bad steering rack, or uneven tire pressure and wear.


Your automobile’s suspension prevents you from feeling every bump that you drive over. If you notice that your ride is getting bumpier and bumpier, even on the same roads, it could be the struts and shocks, if your vehicle has shocks. Have them looked at so you don’t end up busting one.

Uneven Sitting Position

Another issue could be that you have a damaged suspension spring. Your first clue that a spring is damaged is noise: You’ll hear clunking sounds when drive over bumps. The second indicator is how your automobile sits when it’s parked. Does it lean to one corner? If so, it’s probably the suspension spring.

Body Movement

Momentum is a clear sign of your vehicle’s suspension health. Your automobile should not tilt when you turn, nosedive forward when you stop, or lean backward when you accelerate. If it does, the struts, and or shocks are worn and need to be replaced because they cannot stop the momentum movement.


Finally, whether you drive a vehicle with power steering or old-fashioned manual steering, the steering should feel the same all the time. Difficulty steering your vehicle is a suspension problem because the steering system is part of the suspension. Hopefully, the problem is just low power steering fluid.

As we said above, the longer you wait to have your vehicle’s suspension fixed the more problems you’ll face. Located in Ardmore, OK, we here at Oneway Automotive would be happy to inspect your car, truck, or CUV/SUV’s suspension is you suspect there’s a problem. Call us at 580-789-6606 to schedule an appointment. We’ll find the issue, discuss the solution with you, and then fix it. Contact us today.

Photo by Itocaldarr from Getty Images via Canva Pro